5 Myths About Virtual Offices That Need Debunking

Nowadays everything seems to have a virtual version of itself from virtual assistants, offices, DJs, keyboards, to counselors, to name a few. But one of them doesn't necessarily exist just on the internet. We're talking about the virtual office, which unlike its fellows in the "virtual realm" can mean an actual space that can be rented.

Virtual offices have actually been around for quite some time, but have now developed beyond the traditional definition of providing "communication and address services without providing dedicated office space" which is more of telecommuting these days.

That's myth number one; just one of the many surrounding these spaces. Serviced or virtual offices are growing in popularity as more and more people decide to strike out on their own these days. The new virtual office has expanded way beyond its traditional scope and definition, and is pleasingly user-friendly and adaptable to the needs of today's entrepreneur. Some of the myths that need debunking include:

  1. There Are So Many Hidden Costs; and I Have to Pay for Things I Don't Need
    Think of your friendly virtual office as a restaurant. Most of the good virtual offices have a menu for you to choose precisely which services you wish to avail of (thus minimizing bill shock). And like a proper restaurant, you can pay once you're done using the services you ordered (which is great news if say, somewhere down the line, you decided you needed to add mail services). And it's absolutely no problem if you tell them up front what you want and what you don't. 

  2. It's Just Too Expensive 
    Virtual offices have come a long way since their early days. As mentioned, most virtual offices have tailored their costs so that the convenience of a services menu plus the flexibility to simply enter and get down to business, ends up being much more cost-effective than a traditional office that you have to hunt down and spend a lot of time and resources fixing. It's also an excellent and cost-effective option for workers who need to travel a lot for work, since you're only paying for the space and services on an as-needed basis. 

  3. It's So Lonely, I Won't Have Any Co-workers 
    There's a saying that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If that's true, and you spend a lot of time in a virtual office, you'll be pleased to note that these spaces attract many like-minded, driven and disciplined spirits. Plus, if you choose a quality serviced office, you'll have an excellent support staff ready to jump when you say jump. And with the really good ones, you get a whole slew of services you didn't even know could exist such as accounting, legal, HR and secretarial assistance. 

  4. You Can Only Lease It on A Short-term Basis
    What kind of investment is that?A rather smart one, actually; especially considering how flexible such serviced spaces have become after studying the market's needs all these years. The biggest advantage with a virtual serviced office is that you aren't locked into a lease, whether short-term or long-term. You can rent it anywhere from a day to six months, with the option to renew or terminate as needed. 

  5. That Sort of Thing is Only for Startups 
    While it certainly true that these spaces attract many a brave startup, they also have their fair share of established businesses which are in the middle of expansion, such as those exploring business in a new area or country. Serviced offices are how some of them choose to save on overhead and downtime.

The truth of the matter is that virtual offices are the springboard for today's economy. And as a worker in that economy, this is great news. The demand is high, the competition is stiff, and the results are nothing short of delightful if you're an end-user.