Why Working at Home and a Virtual Office Are a Perfect Fit

In a country where the traffic is just horrendous, working at home seems to be the perfect solution. Working at home means that you waste less time commuting and more time actually being productive. You are also less tired and distracted when you start work since you did not just come from a lengthy commute in heavy traffic. And, you avoid the risk of being late due unforeseen problems such as road mishaps or accidents.

In addition, working from home means that you can save a lot of money and effort, since you don’t have to go through the trouble and expense of setting up a physical office. You can simply set up a home office in a spare room or garage.

Studies have also shown that many workers are as productive working at home where they can spend longer hours working rather than commuting, and when they are alone in the house after everyone else has left, they can focus more.

However, there are times when working from home is not always ideal. One is when you have to hold a business meeting with clients. You can hardly hold the meeting in your sala. It would not look professional. You want to meet your clients in a setting that is conducive to doing business. 
Your home most probably also lacks any professional support you may need, such as a personal assistant to properly handle your mail, answer your calls and take messages for you.

In addition, there is the issue of your personal safety and privacy. You don’t want to give away your personal address and contact details to just anybody you meet when you go networking. You leave yourself exposed to people who may have less noble intentions than doing business with you.

In this case, a virtual office offers an ideal complement to working at home. You can have access to the facilities that you need without having to bear the expense of a physical office. You only have to pay for the facilities when you actually use them. This frees up a lot of money that you can plow back into your business to help it grow. 

You can meet your clients in a plush conference room with all the necessary business amenities and a professional receptionist can handle all your mail & calls. Thus, you can make a strong impression on the client and make it more likely they will continue doing business with you.

In addition, a proper commercial address in a strategic area like Makati greatly adds to the credibility of your business. Despite competition from other cities such as Taguig, Makati is still one of the best-known and most popular business districts in the country. It is not only where many of the country’s largest local and foreign corporations have their headquarters, but also where most foreign embassies are located.

Thus, having a virtual office in Makati is something you should strongly consider if you have a home-based business, since it can greatly enhance your business’ professional image while still giving you the benefits of a physical office space.