Image is Everything in Business

First impressions from how you dress, the appearance of your workplace, all the way to your corporate address could make — or break — your next game-changing business deal. Whether it is a boardroom in Makati, a home office, or even corner coffee shop, where you make your next presentation will always weigh credibility in your favor.
There is a growing trend of among emerging business owners to conduct meetings in hotel lounges, curated restaurants or specialty coffee shops to lend an air of comfort and credibility. Financial stability is most often hinted by statements such as Feel free to order what you wish or an invitation to partake of lounge’s priciest specialties usually serves as any meeting’s icebreaker. The thought of using such meeting rooms may seem initially impressive, but meeting at a public venue lends itself to one overlooked downfall: lack of confidentiality. You never know who might be seated a few tables away, or who may be holding a meeting at an adjacent function room. One wayward ear is all it takes for your meeting to be compromised, as someone may easily steal your ideas, investors, or even potential customers. Your competition is most often closer that you think.
Conversely, other emerging business owners have begun using their own homes as their corporate headquarters for comfort and cost-effectiveness. Though it may start off as a good idea, the challenges of a home-office begin to emerge once domestic concerns begin blurring lines with business operations. Humorous it seems to think about business meetings being disrupted by family members calling your attention, or your home phone ringing at odd hours from inquiring customers. But these are just a few of the inevitable circumstances of having a home office, that you would most definitely experience first-hand.

Do You Seriously Want to put Your Business at Risk?
Thankfully, another alternative is that offers viable solutions to the problems of working in public places or the home is gaining ground. The concept of a virtual office is simple. With a virtual office, you receive a professional business address and phone line that will allow you to do day to day work out of the comfort of your home. No need to give out your home address or personal contact numbers. Your professional address can be used to register your business as well as receive mail. Your business phone line can be answered by professionally trained staff and forwarded to another number of your choice. No need for any of your family members taking your calls.

And when you have to meet with a client or have to give an all-important presentation, many virtual office providers have professional and private conference rooms for rent that come fully equipped with projectors and high speed internet.
Virtual offices really give you the best of both worlds and is an option well worth looking into for your growing business.