Five Reasons A Serviced Office Can Save You Money

Serviced offices are on the rise, thanks to the burgeoning numbers of people striking out on their own or companies bent on expanding.

These spaces are to business what hotels are to pleasure you come in, everything is laid out for your convenience and/or approval, and all you have to think about is the bill at the end. To be sure, many hesitate at what is perceived to be a hefty price tag. It’s not cheap renting a space can run well into five-figure territory. But when one considers how a good serviced office actually gives you the freedom to hit the ground running, this choice can actually SAVE you money, time and a lot of effort.

Here’s how.

  1. Four Words: One Bill a Month
    The main reason a serviced office space seems more costly is the same reason it’s so convenient because all the bills you usually pay are already bundled up into one single convenient bill that you pay at the end of the month. Add up all the little bills you have to keep track of rent, building dues, electricity, Internet, phones, maintenance, security, parking plus the headache of having to manage so many moving parts; and the cost of a serviced office space will seem much more reasonable in comparison. Plus, with a single bill, you get a better idea of how your overhead costs fits into your monthly budget.
  2. Hit The Ground Running
    Time is money, and that’s never truer than when you’re building from the ground up. Startups are challenging enough without having to hunt down honest and dependable contractors, reliable Internet, and top talent, among other things. A serviced office grants you instant access to a prestigious address with everything in place, from office supplies and equipment to technical systems. A few choice ones even offer such additional services as payroll, IT support, and taxes. This way, you can get right down to business, without worrying about holding meetings in a cramped stockroom or incredibly slow Internet.
  3. Get Help Navigating Unfamiliar Terrain
    When exploring a potential new market, there’s a certain learning curve when it comes to the local government and business practices (particularly the rules that go unspoken). First-time freelancers may also need help filing taxes and handling administrative issues. A good serviced office can guide you by offering services such as payroll, IT support, manpower, procurement, and taxes. This way there’s less guesswork and more actual work on your part.
  4. Get Lease Flexibility and Freedom On a Pay-Per-Use Basis
    Traditional office rentals may be cheaper at first glance, but this is largely because you get locked into a long-term contract for a space you have to find, outfit, and maintain yourself. On the other hand, serviced offices come with an extensive menu of professional services and facilities that you can easily customize to your business needs, plus the freedom to start or end your contract whenever you need to. This includes renting more or less space, as needed. Best of all, most business you conduct with a serviced office operator means that you pay only for what you use, so you can adjust your overhead budget accordingly.
  5. With The Right One, It’s Pleasure as Well as Business
    A choice few serviced offices, in addition to a wide array of business services, also offer additional concierge assistance. All you have to do is say the word and they can help with anything from finding you a place to live, your children a good local school to attend or even arranging transportation services for you.

The bottom line is that serviced offices and their neat packages may come at a premium, but it makes sense in the long term when you consider how much you save on the tiny headaches that come with overhead. And when you add up everything you spend on such a space, the benefits far outweigh the costs.