The CONS to Setting up a Traditional Office

An increasing number of startups are becoming convinced of the benefits of using a serviced office in Makati rather than having a traditional office setup. A serviced office is defined as a business space that is leased on a flexible basis and generally provides companies with everything they need to start operating.
This means that the office spaces are fully furnished and have all the other essentials such as Internet service and telephones, although these are usually shared with the other leaseholders. In addition, a Makati serviced office is rented out for a flat fee that is inclusive of rent and other charges such as utilities costs.
Another consideration is that it takes time to set up a traditional office. This means that until everything is arranged, you cannot start operations. With a serviced office, however, you can just move your staff into the space since it is rented on a plug-and-play basis, meaning that everything that you need is already there.
In addition, you will have to sign a tenancy contract that may last for as long as two to three years. Thus, you have to commit to the space for that period of time or break the contract and pay the associated penalties if you decide you no longer need the space. This means that you lack the flexibility in deciding how long you will stay. For example, you may want to set up a temporary office to see if business conditions are favorable in the country before deciding to make more permanent arrangements.
If you decide not to move forward and cease operations, you may need to vacate the space quickly. However, a traditional office setup does not allow you to do so. On the other hand, with a Makati serviced office, you can rent the space for a few months and then renew periodically if you need to stay longer.
Another downside of a traditional office is that you will have to take care of all the costs of maintaining the space. Thus, you will have to arrange for cleaning staff as well as other maintenance needs such as electrical and plumbing services. In addition, you will have to take care of the security of your office space.
With a serviced office in Makati, however, all of these services are already provided, and the costs of them are included in the single fee that you pay for the use of the space.