Thinking "Out of Ayala" For Your Serviced Office Needs

When one thinks of a strategic business address for a serviced office in Makati, more often than not, the first street that comes to mind is Ayala Avenue. And why not? Ayala is located right in the middle of the central business district. When you're on Ayala Avenue, you're not very far from everything else. There are a lot of restaurants, malls and hotels within your reach. Of course, there are some disadvantages to Ayala as well. Aside from the very high rental prices there, being in the center of everything, exposes you to a very high concentration of people and traffic and sometimes the daily hassle that comes with that may not be worth it.

Luckily, Makati isn't just Ayala, and there are a whole lot of other options for business addresses that you might want to consider when looking for a serviced office in Makati. One such street is Jupiter Street. Located a few blocks off Ayala, Jupiter runs parallel to Gil Puyat Avenue, which is another major thoroughfare in Makati. A good portion of Jupiter is located cozily in between Bel-Air village, an exclusive residential village, and Salcedo Village, which is home to numerous condominium buildings.

But Jupiter street isn't just about residential areas, there are quite a lot of very nice commercial establishments located there that would definitely make having a serviced office there very worth your while.

Here is a brief overview of what can be found on Jupiter Street.


The newest mall in the area is the Jazz Mall, which is the commercial area of the Jazz residences, a four-tower "vertical village" located in Bel Air. The Jazz Mall features all the conveniences that you need, including a supermarket, a hardware store, banks, an appliance center and a pharmacy, as well as beauty, health and other specialized service outlets. These include a dental clinic and an optical shop, a gym and several spas and salons. Also, there is an outlet offering laundry and housekeeping services. Operating hours are from 10 am to 9 pm.

Of course, there is also a wide range of dining options available, offering not only local cuisine but also menus from all over the world. Some of the most popular outlets that have already opened include: Fratini's Authentic Italian Cuisine; Slappy Cakes, and Ryu Ramen and Curry.


There is a wide range of dining options available in Jupiter Street and the Bel Air area, which range from casual and fast food to gourmet and fine dining restaurants. There are too many to name all of them, but here are some of the more prominent ones that would give you an idea of the wide variety of restaurants on the street.

The Romulo Cafe – Run by the grandchildren of famous Filipino diplomat, statesman, soldier, journalist and author, Carlos P. Romulo, The Romulo Cafe serves up old fashioned Filipino comfort food made from their family's heirloom recipes as well as other dishes will satisfy the more modern palate.


Lazy Bastard is a recently opened restaurant that specializes in comfort food in the form of premium hotdogs, burgers and bacon. In addition, the restaurant has an entryway to the ABV Cocktail and Absinthe Bar. ABV or Alcohol by Volume is a speakeasy-style bar that is located behind a wooden door in Lazy Bastard and serves signature craft and classic cocktails made with premium local and imported alcohol. If you're interested, knock on the door and when prompted, give the password "glass of giggle water, please". 

Corner Tree Cafe serves up vegetarian Food and other guilt-free dishes for those on a diet or who want to eat healthy. Some of their signature dishes include Thai Vegetable Curry, Vegetable Dumplings and the Arroz ala Cubana, as well as the local Kare Kareng Gulay. Or, you can try out their Corner Tree Starter Plate to get an idea of the cuisine they serve.

Cowbell Steak Cafe is an American diner serving US Black Angus Steaks - rib-eye, porterhouse, t-bone and striploin, as well as sandwiches and pastas at affordable prices.



Korea Garden has been serving authentic Korean dishes such as bibimbap, Korean beef stew, and gujeolpan since 1974. Many Korean restaurants have come and gone, but Korea Garden has definitely stood the test of time.