How A Business Center Can Help Your Business Succeed


A business center, as the name implies, is a place for doing business. Dedicated office spaces and meeting rooms for guests in some hotels are called business centers. Makati City, home to some of the country’s biggest companies, has been referred to as the Philippines’ business center.

These days, though, a “business center” is also becoming understood as a separate category of business. Included in this term are companies that offer not only physical workspaces a.k.a. actual places to do businesses, but also but also support and solutions for business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

Google “business center”, and you’ll see various ads and links to virtual office and serviced office providers. This is because most business centers here in our shores offer flexible workspaces as their primary product or service.

But not all business centers are created equal. If you’re looking for one to work with to jumpstart a new venture or to boost your current bottom-line, what do you look for to know which business center to entrust your future to?

  1. They can be trusted. 
    Don’t immediately settle for the first business center that appears on a Google search. Read about the company. Have they been in business for a long time? Study their products and services. Do they cater only to specific types of businesses? Ask for their rates. Are they within your budget? Look for reviews and testimonials. Are their clients satisfied? These and other information can help you decide whether or not the business center is a good fit for you and your business. 

  2. They have a prime location.
    A business center, if it were to be true to its name, must be located at an ideal location for conducting business. Consider not just the prestige of its address, but also its accessibility for both stakeholders and clients, its neighborhood, its peace and order situation, the rules and regulations imposed by the local government in the area, and the like. The location of your business can spell the difference between success and failure, so don’t take this for granted. 

  3. Their space is conducive for business.
    First and foremost, a business center is a place for doing business. Look at the physical spaces that the business center would have you choose from. What types of flexible workspaces do they have available? Meeting rooms? Conference rooms? Serviced office? Coworking space? All of the above? Consider size, design, ventilation, technology, furniture, noise levels, and other factors. These should all contribute to make the space conducive for business.

  4. They help make doing business easy. 
    It’s not enough that a business center provides desks, chairs, and a fast Internet connection. Think of these as minimum requirements. What would transform a business center from good to great is if it also provides business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals with support every step of the way to ensure their success. This may mean assistance in business registration, licensing and permits, taxes, marketing, and other processes. If the business center can serve as one-stop shop for all its clients’ business needs, the better.

  5. They offer virtual office solutions.
    Not all businesses require physical workspaces. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from the products and services of a business center. A great business center would offer virtual office solutions and physical workspaces on an as-needed basis to these types of businesses.

  6. They go above and beyond for their clients. 
    With so many businesses with identical offerings and neighboring locations, it may be hard to know which name to patronize. All things being equal, try to look for ways by which a business center goes above and beyond for their clients. Do they offer free-flowing coffee? Do they have regular promos? Do they keep you updated through regular website, social media, and newsletter updates? You’re less likely to fail if you choose a business center that goes the extra mile for its clients.

At the end of the day, business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals want nothing more than success, financial or otherwise. They should be able to rest easy that they were able to do what they set out to do.

Unfortunately, many fledgling businesses fail to receive the support that they need to succeed. This is where business centers come in. The one you choose should be more than a physical space to rent and occupy. It should be a business center whose name and a team you can trust to help you turn your vision for your business or professional career into reality. Choose wisely.