November 2016

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MicroVentures Philippines, also known as One Puhunan, entered the Philippine market with the goal of providing financial services especially to low income individuals and small businesses not served by traditional banking institutions. This goal was helped achieved through the services provided by One Asia Center.

“[MicroVentures Philippines was] very lucky to have the flexibility we had in terms of office spaces considering the continuous increase in the number of our staff. The office layout [offered by One Asia Center was] very functional, and the different sizes of the meeting rooms allow a very efficient use of the space,” said Daniele Rovere, President and General Manager.

One Asia Center’s central location, in close proximity to malls, banks, restaurants, coffee shops, and other commercial establishments proved to be an asset to MicroVentures Philippines’s business. “I would recommend One Asia Center to others because it is conveniently located. The variety of office solutions can accommodate a broad range of requirements,” Rovere said.

Indeed. Whether you’re a foreign-based company that wants to venture into the Philippine business scene, like MicroVentures; a local business or professional that has yet to invest in your own office and staff; or a freelancer just beginning to make a name for yourself, One Asia Center has something for you. 

Since the start of the election season in the Philippines earlier this year, “change is coming” has been a buzzword everywhere. But has change really come? In the area of business, it has.

According to the Philippine Economic Update by the World Bank, the Philippines has emerged as one of the most dynamic economies in the East Asia region…[having grown] at a rapid pace over the past five years, supported by sound macroeconomic fundamentals and a highly competitive workforce.” The same report provides an optimistic economic outlook for the country, until 2018.

The annual Ease of Doing Business Report , also by the World Bank, provides more good news. According to the report, the past administration’s efforts, particularly toward streamlining the processes for paying taxes and for obtaining construction permits, has made it easier to do business in the country. In a recent article that appeared on The Philippine Star, World Bank country director for the Philippines Mara Warwick, highlighted the significance of this development. “This is important for the economy to ensure small and medium enterprises can flourish and create jobs for millions of Filipinos.”

While there are still challenges to hurdle along the way, business in the Philippines is off to a promising start. The future is looking bright. Those intending to invest and venture into our market should take note. 

You’re finally ready to start that business you’ve long dreamed off. Getting to this point wasn’t easy. It took a lot of introspection, motivation, and preparation, just to finally declare you’ll go for it.

But where exactly do you begin? Should you head to the Securities and Exchange Commission first, or visit the Bureau of Internal Revenue before that? Will you need a registration from the Department of Trade and Industry, or will a permit from your municipal or city hall suffice? The struggle is real, right? But don’t fret! We got your back.

To start you on the right path, we’ve created a summary of the procedures and requirements to register a new business in the country. Our 16-step guide is handy if you plan to launch a commercial or industrial firm with up to 50 employees.

Pro tips: Save time and money by checking the websites and social media accounts of the government offices before you plan to visit them. Or call them beforehand. Locations, requirements, fees, and other details sometimes change without prior notice. Be prepared for long queues by bringing a gadget, a book, snacks, and water. You never know how long you’ll be stuck in line. And whenever you come across challenges along the way, take deep breaths, and remember: “Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.” You’ll be fine. Good luck! 

Filipinos love to sing. It doesn’t matter wherever we are, whatever time of day, or whether we can carry a tune or not. No wonder karaoke singing is our national pastime!

For busy professionals, what perfect way to unwind after office hours than to sing your stress away? For those heading out from One Asia Center, you’re in luck, as some of the most popular KTV bars are just a stone’s throw away!

Centerstage Family KTV and Resto Bar along Jupiter Street is one of the most popular hangouts in the city. Their affordable party packages include room and KTV use, food and drinks! Music Platinum Family KTV and Restaurant along Polaris Street is also a good option. They offer promos for room and KTV use, and a minimum order amount for food and drinks. Both places have current song selections, so if you want to belt out the latest hits, chances are, you can!

Bond with your team over food and drinks, and music. Up the ante by having a friendly competition, make it extra fun by coming in costumes, or just chill as you take turns singing your favorite tunes.

Do remember to call ahead and reserve a room before your night out, as these places can get packed. Enjoy!

Mark your calendars with this month’s holidays! 
•    November 1, 2016, Tuesday - All Saints Day (Special non-working day) 
•    November 30, 2016, Wednesday - Bonifacio Day (Regular holiday)