January 2017

The start of a new year is always an exciting time. The promise of a new beginning is enough to ignite hope and spark motivation for whatever dream, resolution, change, or result you want to see. Whether you want to start something new, or maybe improve on what is existing, now is the perfect time to plan out how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Excited for what 2017 has in store for you, especially career- or business-wise? We are, too! And what’s more, we’re excited to help you achieve success.

Don’t know where to start? Your One Asia Center family is just a call or a click away. We can take care of your professional and business needs, so you don’t have to worry about them.

From serviced and virtual offices, meeting rooms, and training and events facilities; to business support for professionals, business owners, and freelancers, we are your fully serviced business center of choice in the heart of the Philippines’ central business district.

Together, let’s make this our greatest year yet!

The Philippine archipelago is a tropical paradise and haven for adventure. It’s no wonder locals and tourists alike have taken to outdoor sports, not only for health benefits, but also to take advantage of the ideal environment that the country offers.

For MSCS Philippines, keeping athletes, adventurers, and enthusiasts inspired is a company passion and promise. But in order for the distribution company to bring quality gear to people, especially Filipinos, who are passionate about the outdoors, it needed a reliable partner in the Philippines. Fortunately, they found One Asia Center.

Says Ignasi Vegas, founder and commercial director of MSCS Philippines: “One Asia Center has played an important part in making my company's journey in the Philippines a smoother one. I chose it over other serviced offices because it allowed me to work in a serious business atmosphere while being surrounded by a team of very supportive staff.”

Founded on the belief that maintaining an active lifestyle brings us our best minds and bodies, MSCS Philippines continues to cater to a thriving community that shares its passion for the outdoors. And One Asia Center will continue to be its partner as it brings the best of today’s and the future’s outdoor sports equipment to the Filipino consumer.

The initial results of The Global Coworking Survey 2017 were released during the Coworking Europe Conference last November 28-30, 2016. Some notable findings from the survey, as reported by AllWork, are the following:

  • There are currently 11,300 coworking spaces worldwide, as of October 31, 2016; 
  • 2,500 new coworking spaces are predicted to open by October 31, 2017; 
  • 71% of members work at least three times a week from their coworking spaces
  • Most members describe their coworking spaces as “casual”; and
  • Word of mouth is still the leading form of marketing to attract new members.

The biggest worldwide study on coworking is conducted by Deskmag, the coworking magazine. The survey, which closed on December 16, 2016, aims reflect a better understanding of various facets behind the coworking movement, in order to support sustainable growth.

First impressions last. We’ve heard this all before. But nowhere is this truer than in our careers and businesses, where every little detail—from how we dress, to how our workplace looks, to our corporate address—is subject to the scrutiny not only of our clients, but even our stakeholders, our competitors, the media, etc. And more importantly, image can make or break a business deal. It’s no wonder keeping a stellar reputation and a pristine corporate image is a top priority in the industry.

How, then, can you give yourself or your company the competitive edge—especially if you’re still new to the game, or maybe new to the market? How do you present an image of success when you’re still a start-up, or still on the look-out for that game-changing opportunity? Most importantly, how do you convince discerning clients or stakeholders to do business with you or your company?

Maybe conducting business meetings in coffee shops or accepting business calls at home used to work for you. But in today’s uber-competitive, image-driven industry, would these still cut it? Read through our tips to see what the downsides to these strategies are, and what you can do about them.

We offer you a viable solution that can not only help you improve your professional or business image, but more importantly, provide a better experience for your clients and stakeholders that would make them choose to work with you, and not with your competitors. Who knows, this might just be the game-changer you’re waiting for!

The push toward an active lifestyle achieves its peak momentum during the start of the year. Ask anyone what their new year’s resolutions are, and most likely, their answers will include an item or two about physical fitness, exercise, healthy eating, nutrition, and the like.

But what activity, aside from getting you to sweat, can also clear your mind and help you destress, sleep better, and promote overall health? Perfect for busy career- and business-people, right? Sounds too good to be true? Well, there’s actually one, and you’ve heard about it before. Try yoga!

When one hears yoga, one probably thinks: meditation, flexibility, (unnatural) poses, for women only, etc. But do you know there are actually several kinds of yoga classes that you can choose from? There’s the dynamic, the athletic, the hot, the restorative, the therapeutic, and so many other types. Whatever your age, gender, body type, fitness level, health goal, schedule, and budget, there’s bound to be class and teacher that’s perfect for you.

This is great news for One Asia Center clients because the OAC neighborhood is home to various yoga studios—whether a hop, skip, or a drive away! Surya Fitness Yoga, Beyond Rockwell, Urban Ashram Yoga, Bikram Yoga Manila Makati, Bliss Yoga, Yoga+Express Legaspi Village, and Yoga+ Makati, are just some of the big names that are a walk or ride away from the OAC building.

It’s not yet too late to start that new year’s resolution to get moving. What are you still waiting for?

Mark your calendars with this month’s holidays! 
• January 1, 2017, Sunday - Regular holiday (New Year’s Day) 
• January 2, 2017, Monday - Special non-working day
• January 28, 2017, Saturday - Special non-working day (Chinese New Year)