March 2017

One Asia Center joins the global celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8. In the Philippines, the celebration extends through the whole month of March, with the theme #WomenMakeChange.

Gone are the days when women had to choose between their family and their career. The availability of more employment options, and the existence of flexible work arrangements have made it possible for women to succeed in both the home and the office.

More and more women have been flocking to coworking spaces to maximize their productivity, or availing virtual office services so they can stay on top even as they work from home.

One Asia Center supports these women who work hard to maintain balance in their personal and professional life. We want to offer them the best support available—from serviced and virtual offices, meeting rooms, and training and events facilities; to business advice and assistance for freelancers, professionals, and business owners.

Together, we can change the rules, and change the world.

Professional photographers work in the photo studio, on set, or on location most of the time. But what if they need to meet up with clients? Or a place where they can work on and edit the thousands of pictures that they take without being distracted?

For Caren Carlos of Caren Carlos Photography, this is where One Asia Center came in. “it's very convenient for me to have this place to meet up with clients to show of my work and ideas without having to rent an office 24/7,” says Carlos, who does photography for special events like birthdays, baptisms, and debuts; and portraits of newborns and kids, families, and even pets.

Carlos found the coworking space at One Asia Center as the ideal venue for maximizing her productivity. “Every time I go to One Asia Center I am able to focus better and get more work done. It's wonderful to have a space that has a nice, proper desk to work on, coffee, air-conditioning and no distractions!”

A space that increases productivity and minimizes distractions? Now that’s a dream come true for any working professional. And One Asia Center is ready to help you set up and get started.

The “no boys allowed” rule seems like a thing of our childhood past, but in one high profile co-working space that doubles as a social club in New York, it still applies. Bloomberg Business Week recently featured The Wing, an exclusive “female-focused space”, that’s part of a growing number of for-women-only establishments in the USA.

The trend is a nod to women’s organizations of yesteryears, which promoted “self-improvement and social reform”. These spaces, more than for work, build community among like-minded individuals, and offer support for its all-women clientele, even for areas not directly related their career, such as for grooming and even for breastfeeding.

Given that the most recent Asian Results of the 2017 Global Coworking Survey by Deskmag place the share of female members of coworking spaces at 40%, this move toward exclusive spaces for women sure is a great way not only to attract more of them on board, but more importantly, to start the conversation on what women really need in order to succeed.

Working from home? Your clients don’t necessarily need to know that. Not only do you want to keep your home address private, you also want to project a professional image by having a business address that is apart from your place of residence.

So what’s your best bet? A virtual office seems like a great plan! In this case, a virtual office offers an ideal complement to working at home. You can have access to the facilities that you need without having to bear the expense of a physical office. You only have to pay for the facilities when you actually use them. This frees up a lot of money that you can plow back into your business to help it grow.

You can meet your clients in a plush conference room with all the necessary business amenities and a professional receptionist can handle all your mail & calls. Thus, you can make a strong impression on the client and make it more likely they will continue doing business with you.

Need more convincing? Read our article on why working from home and taking a virtual office are a perfect fit.

We use our brain at work a lot, but why not give it a different kind of break by flexing it in a different way? I’m talking about experiencing something new, looking for creative solutions to problems, and expanding your imagination. Best of all, you and your friends can get to solve a mystery!

Mystery Manila, with branches in Jupiter and at Century City Mall—just a skip and a hop away from One Asia Center—offers elaborate mystery rooms that you and your friends should solve your way out of in 60 minutes.

The rooms differ in themes, and the mysteries vary in difficulty. Behind each door, you’ll be “transported” to a location and scenario, and given all the things you need to solve the mystery. You’ll have to work with your friends to use your items and your clues within the time limit.

Give your procedural dramas a rest, and do your own detective work for a change. Games can be played by a minimum of 2-3 people, to a maximum of 6. Round up your friends, and see how your collective sleuthing skills match up to the puzzles offered by Mystery Manila.

We wish you a great escape!

Interested to find out how One Asia Center can help you advance your career or business? Below are some of the incentives we offer:

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    Refer a friend to One Asia Center and get FREE meeting room hours equivalent to the hours booked by your friend. 

    Enjoy up to 75% discount from our regular hourly meeting room rate by purchasing a consumable hours plan. These plans are perfect for those who don't have a fixed meeting schedule. Consumable hours are good for up to one year from the purchase of your plan.

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