February 2017

Love may be in the spotlight as the world celebrates Valentine’s Day this February, but here in the Philippines, art also takes center stage as the country celebrates National Arts Month. It’s no wonder, then, that the metro is bustling with creative activity.

Artists and creative professionals are showcasing their works through exhibitions, performances, festivals, art fairs, and other similar undertakings nationwide; while the local audience gets to enjoy, experience, and even take home the fruits of their labor.

One Asia Center (OAC) supports this exchange of artistic and creative ideas, in the same way that it has supported freelance artists by providing facilities and services that support the creative process.

For artists and creatives who can’t get productive work done at home; or who have clients whom they want to meet in a more professional environment; or who need assistance in registering as a professional or as a business entity, OAC is just a call or a click away.

From serviced and virtual offices, meeting rooms, and training and events facilities; to business support for freelancers, professionals, and business owners, One Asia Center is the fully serviced business center of choice in the heart of the Philippines’ central business district.

Trust is an essential part of any business or profession. Whom you rely on for your business and professional needs can sometimes spell the difference between success and failure. One Asia Center fully understands this, so we’ve partnered only with trustworthy individuals, companies, and organizations to give you quality service that you deserve.

If accounting outsourcing; business and investment consultancy; company establishment, registration, and compliance; corporate legal advice; and design and construction management are your concerns, then Cohort Business Solutions and Consulting Inc. is your best bet.

With Ms. Marry Jane Bognot leading the helm, excels in helping their clients resolve their business issues and problems. Established in 2014, Ms. Bognot worked her way through the ranks, to build her small but very promising empire, that is now making noise in the business consultancy scene.

Cohort may be reached through One Asia Center. Let us know how we can help, and together, we can make things happen for you and your business!

The Asian Results of the 2017 Global Coworking Survey has just been released, and it’s look like there’s no stopping the coworking trend in Asia, where 60% of coworking spaces has reported profitability this 2017, up by 14% compared to 2016.

The average number of members for each coworking space has also increased to 71 this year, up by 29 from last year.

According to the survey, what keeps members coming back to their coworking spaces is that they also function not just as workspaces but also community spaces, where they can meet, interact, and exchange ideas with other professionals, business owners, and freelancers. Others also consider their coworking spaces as event spaces, shared office, business center, incubator/accelerator, and artist space.

The biggest worldwide study on coworking is conducted by Deskmag, the coworking magazine. The survey, which closed on December 16, 2016, aims reflect a better understanding of various facets behind the coworking movement, in order to support sustainable growth.

Having a proper business address is on top of any business owner, professional, or even freelancer’s priority list. But the astronomical cost of setting up a traditional office can seem like an impossible dream for start-ups, especially since apart from the cost, there are countless other factors to consider, too, like location, size, utilities, and furniture and fixtures.

But what if having a traditional office isn’t your only option? Ever heard of a serviced office?

The first crucial differentiator between a serviced office and a traditional office is flexibility. Unlike a traditional office that usually locks you in for at least a year to the same office space, a serviced office is more like a hotel, which you can book for a day, a week, or even just a couple months. This lease flexibility allows your office to grow with you.

But that’s not all. When you factor in the various expenses that you would need to spend on apart from rent, you’ll find that the serviced office monthly cost is more affordable than what you would be paying for in a traditional office. This, plus a strategic location, utilities coverage, and plug and play setup, and you would find that a serviced office may be the better choice for your company. Interested? Find out more in this pitch for “A Smart Alternative for Setting Up a Traditional Office".

If you’re a busy pro, chances are you only get the chance to do your shopping on weekends, if at all. But weekends are also for exploring the ins and outs of the metro and hanging out with friends and family, right?

Well, why not do it all at the market? No, I’m not suggesting that you hang out in your local supermarket nor your neighborhood wet market. I’m talking flea markets set up in nice neighborhoods, that sell anything and everything under the sun—though mostly organic, homemade, and locally produced markets.

The Salcedo Weekend Market, open on Saturdays; and the Legazpi Weekend Market, open on Sundays, 7AM to 2PM, are great choices!

Food is undoubtedly the top reason for visiting these weekend markets, since majority of their merchants sell cooked food (local and International cuisine—you name it!), food products (such as bread, spreads, drinks, wine, and desserts), fresh produce (eggs, vegetables, and meats), and various other concoctions. But apart from that, there are also handicrafts, clothes, plants, toiletries, and other products. If you’re looking to eat, shop, mingle—or do all three—then make your market visits a weekly habit! You won’t regret it.

Mark your calendars with this month’s holiday! 
• February 25, 2017, Saturday - Special non-working day (EDSA Revolution Anniversary)