May 2017

The first day of May is Labor Day in the Philippines!

We at One Asia Center join the rest of the country in paying tribute to our solid workforce—all career men and women, employees, professionals, and freelancers—who dream big and work hard for themselves and for their families.

One Asia Center is your fully serviced business center of choice in the heart of the Philippines’ central business district. We hope that through the services we provide—from serviced and virtual offices, to flexible workspaces, to business support—we are able to contribute to all your efforts toward creating thriving businesses and a booming national economy.

We wish all who labor continued personal and professional growth and success!

A world in which no person is needlessly blind. This is the vision of the Fred Hollows Foundation, one of Australia’s top five reputable charities. And it is this vision that it has brought to 25 other countries in the world, including the Philippines, where it has made a difference in thousands of lives by supporting eye operations and treatments, distributing glasses, educating school children and community members on eye health, and training teachers and community health workers. The lack of community eye care and the inadequate incentive for ophthalmologists to work in rural areas where the need is greatest are two issues that the foundations seeks to address, with the help of global partners and donors.

One Asia Center is proud to have Fred Hollows Foundation on its roster of clients.

Nearly four million people worldwide are projected to utilize coworking spaces by 2020, growing from just under one million in 2016. This is a forecast by Small Business Labs, an organization that monitors coworking spaces globally, as quoted in an article in The Guardian.

To say that this will be a gamechanger is an understatement. In fact, in the article, The Guardian goes as far as declaring coworking as the future of work.

But what exactly makes coworking the attractive choice? In the same article, The Guardian hails coworking for giving “workers themselves, the digital nomads of gig economy, more control over their working lives”. Meanwhile, a blog post in in Nav.Com, lists 11 surprising benefits of a coworking space, which include connection and collaboration, built in clients, and financial and productivity boost, among others.

In addition, according to research by user experience researchers Melissa Gregg and Thomas Lodato, as quoted in The Guardian, “coworking can be a positive choice for many freelancers [who are seeking] relief from the emotional demands of the corporate office”. For Gregg and Lodato, “coworking spaces met a growing demand for care and fulfilment as much as employment”.

Given these plus points, it’s no wonder more and more professionals are taking the leap and will continue to take the leap from traditional offices to coworking spaces. If coworking is indeed the future of work, then the future is now.

For many freelancers or professionals who don’t have a physical office, or whose office doesn’t have adequate meeting facilities, coffee shops and restaurants are a godsend. Admit it: you’ve probably conferred with clients in those venues before. And while there’s no shame in using these settings as default meet-up places, you’ve probably realized by now that they are simply not ideal for doing business. First, they can be noisy. Second, you’ll be within spitting and hearing distance of other people. And third, they don’t necessarily leave a great impression on clients who count having a conducive space as a minimum requirement for your business.

What, then, are you supposed to do, if a physical office is still not within your reach? Well, thankfully, you still have options! Did you know that apart from coworking spaces, One Asia Center also offers virtual office solutions, including spaces for meetings and conferences? Yup, you read that right. We have private meeting and conference rooms that you can use for presentations, reports, contract-signings, discussions, deliberations, and the like. Apart from the quiet and the privacy, these professionally set-up spaces show you and your business in the best possible light.

Read our article on how our virtual office solutions add a dash of class to your business! Remember: even the little things matter.

Deciding where to eat our three meals, especially if we’re away from home during mealtimes, is a game we play almost everyday. For employees, whether with company-dictated or self-imposed limited break times, taking too much time in the decision-making process simply won’t work. And fast food joints, no matter how convenient and quick, are not the healthiest of choices for our daily fare. What’s a professional or a freelancer to do?

I suggest having a no-brainer go-to place: somewhere with a lot of filling and healthy options. You can head to the food court, or take one more suggestion from me: go to Salad Stop! With a branch at Salcedo Village, Salad Stop is a great choice for breakfast or lunch with its customizable salads and wraps, as well as other no-guilt treats. Service is fast, especially if you call ahead with your order (it’ll be ready when you get there); and while the price points are a bit high (Php 300 and up), the servings are big and satisfying (yep, even the salads are loaded and filling). With Salad Stop, healthy can be quick and delicious. Your body will thank you for it.

It doesn't get more straightforward than this! If you've never used One Asia Center’s facilities before, come on down, book your first meeting with us, and get your first hour FREE. If your meeting is less than an hour, then you don't pay anything at all. So what are you waiting for? Make a lasting positive impression on your clients by booking your next meeting with One Asia Center! Call us at +63 2 718-9500 today, and book your next meeting with us!



Mark your calendars with this month’s holidays!
• May 1, 2017, Monday – Regular holiday (Labor Day)