June 2017

It’s officially the end of summer, and June is here to usher in the start of rain in the Philippines.

It also heralds the start of classes—at least for the schools that did not sync their academic calendars with the rest of ASEAN—as well as the celebration of Philippine Independence Day.

One thing that we’re sure the whole Philippine population is not excited for is the heavy traffic that the back-to-school season and the rainy season will bring. Thankfully, concrete steps are being done to improve our roads and public transportation. And fortunately, as well, there are now more options for some of us working Filipinos to continue to be productive without having to go to the office or to stick to the usual 8-to-5 or 9-to-6 schedule.

Whether you’re a company keen on offering flexibility for your employees, or you’re an professional looking to discover ways to be more effective and efficient in your job, we at One Asia Center have work solutions that you can explore. From serviced and virtual offices, to flexible workspaces, to business support, our fully serviced business center of choice in the heart of the Philippines’ central business district is here to help you find new (and better) ways of working.

If only starting a business were as easy as simply producing a product or coming up with a service and offering it to the public either via a physical shop or a virtual store, perhaps many more of us would turn into entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Business aspirations are often sacrifices in the name of feasibility studies, permits, licenses, registration, and other paperwork, and taxes.

Fortunately, business consultancy entities like EnterPH now exist to help make your dreams of owning a business a reality. EnterPH promises to be your entry point for all your business and investment related needs in the Philippines. It offers support in business registration, bookkeeping and payroll, HR consulting, corporate services, legal services, tax consulting, visa processing, and business matching.

If you’re a foreign investor keen on partnering with business consultants who have mastery of the Philippine business landscape, and who commit to make your success their goal, look no further. EnterPH is your best bet in the business.

The USA edition of the largest coworking conference series in the world, dubbed the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC), was held in New York City last May 5-7, 2017. The event promised “three days and nights of nonstop awesomeness”, with “keynotes, panel sessions, an unconference, a camp, networking time, and exclusive access to the best minds in the business”, plus, of course, “fun, food, drinks, and atmosphere to spare”.

But what exactly did GCUC USA deliver for its delegates? Cat Johnson, writing for AllWork, listed 14 takeaways from the conference, including on diversity in companies, the niching of the industry, the creation of regional alliances, the lifechanging economic impact of coworking, and the need to differentiate your space in a growing field.

The Farm Soho, in a blog post that gathered feedback from the high profile attendees of the conference, echoed some of the above takeaways. Quoting Frank Cottle, the article summed up two essential gains from the conference: “I believe that there were two major shifts that came to light at this year’s GCUC-USA convention. First, was the overall recognition by everyone there; that we are a single industry. … Second, was that we are growing…FAST! … And GCUC as THE global industry convention platform really is able to help keep everyone ahead of the curve.”

Not everything that comes with the label “virtual” needs to rouse suspicion. Because of the (sometimes) shady reputation of the virtual realm in this digital age, we tend to associate something virtual as not quite as good as the actual version. But “virtual offices” need not suffer through this misconception.

In our article “5 Myths About Virtual Offices That Need Debunking”, we trace the evolution of virtual offices from merely providing communication and address services without a dedicated office space. The myths we debunk include the expensive costs and hidden expenses involved in maintaining a virtual office, the loneliness of not having any coworkers, the limitedness of virtual offices to short-term leases, and the perception that it’s only for startups. Read on to be enlightened, and who knows, you might just realize that a virtual office might just be the reality you need to create for your business!

“Home of the best chicken barbecue” is how The Aristocrat Restaurant touts itself to be. That’s a big claim, for sure. But they have a long history to back them up. What began as a humble family venture into delicious and affordable Filipino food in the 1920s has become a big name in the local restaurant scene, with several branches in the metro—one of which is along Jupiter Street, Makati City.

If want a taste of homemade fare but can’t get home just yet because of work, Aristocrat is your best bet. They’re open 24/7, so whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks that you need, you can solve your hunger anytime. Plus, they have day and night delivery for those moments when you just can’t leave your desk—what more can you ask for?

Aside from the previously mentioned chicken barbecue (paired with java rice and java sauce), their bestsellers also include beef mechado, pork barbecue, pork spareribs, pancit canton, kare-kare (beef and seafood variants), and crispy pata.

Full meals cost an average of Php 200, but even your Php 100 or less can already buy merienda and dessert items. So don’t be fooled by the name: you need not be an aristocrat to afford dining at Aristocrat.

Still looking for that perfect meeting place that offers a conducive professional atmosphere, privacy, and a fast and reliable Internet connection? The search is over! One Asia Center’s meeting rooms include use of a shared receptionist service; dedicated 5mbps Internet and public 2mbps Wi-Fi connection; projector, utilities, and dedicated air-conditioning! Your team gets to have free coffee, tea, and water, too!

What’s more, we currently offer discounted rates. Contact us now, and find out how we can help you and your team grow your business! 



Mark your calendars with this month’s holidays!
• June 12, 2017, Monday – Regular holiday (Independence Day)