August 2017


National Heroes’ Day is celebrated in the Philippines every fourth Monday of August.

While that is a great reminder to honor the sacrifices of those who fought for our freedom and independence, we also know it doesn’t require a holiday to be grateful and to pay tribute to the heroes in our lives.

Our overseas Filipino workers have been called modern day heroes. But you don’t need to be working on a different country or continent to be a hero in your own little way. If you work hard for the welfare of your family; if you go out of your way to improve the lives of others; if you live with honesty and integrity even at a personal cost; then congratulations: you are a hero.

Here at One Asia Center, we are inspired by your sacrifice. We innovate the way we do business because we want to offer you convenient and affordable options not only to maximize your productivity and profit, but also to make you happier and healthier at work. If you’re open to changing the way you and/or your company works, contact us. At One Asia Center, we offer innovative and creative work solutions—from serviced and virtual offices, to flexible workspaces, to business support—that will help ease your burdens, and make sure you’re getting the returns that you deserve for all your efforts.


To eradicate homelessness. That’s the noble vision behind Citihub, a Filipino social enterprise which aims to reduce the cost of living for low-income workers by providing safe, clean, and affordable housing in key areas in Metro Manila. Citihub’s unrivaled rates is possible through the company’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly construction, with its dormitories primarily being built with recycled shipping containers.

The company started out in 2011 with the launch of Citihub Mandaluyong. Driven by its mission, Citihub is rapidly expanding, with new sites opening in Sta. Mesa and Cainta this year. Franchising opportunities are available for interested individuals and organizations, too.

One Asia Center is a proud partner of Citihub in its quest to provide dignified living spaces with low environmental footprint for low-income workers.


Gone are the days when searching for news and feature articles on the coworking industry around the globe was literally just a click away. Effective last June 27, CoworkNews has decided to take a little hiatus—who knows for what long—citing low readership and the investment of time required to curate and maintain the site. For now, you can still create an account, search their archive of nearly 5,000 coworking stories, and mark your favorites for a later reading later. But there are no more new items in their roster.

While this is a sad development, many other sites still exist to fill the gap that CoworkNews leaves behind. AllWork has been delivering only global coworking news, but also other flexible workspace news since 2003. Huffington Post has a section on coworking that regularly dishes out not only industry news, but also research articles and opinion columns from industry experts. Entrepreneur Magazine likewise provides a good mix of news, features, and opinion pieces on coworking and the whole sharing economy, in general. The Coworking Handbookprovides links to coworking news, magazines, blogs, and podcasts in different languages. And finally, DeskMag, purveyor of the Global Coworking Survey, also offers coworking content that focus on trends and forecasts.

The next time you get curious about coworking, or wish to know the innovations on work and workspaces that are happening all around the world, you know where to go.


Whether you’re a self-employed professional or a business owner, having your own office is probably one of your top career goals. There’s nothing like creating that conducive work environment not only to put you in a productive mood every day, but also to create a polished image in the eyes of your stakeholders and clients. But have you ever thought that the traditional office route—where you scout a location, renovate and/or build your workspace, open shop when everything has been set up, and spend time and money on maintenance—has its downsides, too?

For one, they take a long time to get ready. In addition, you will typically have to sign a tenancy contract that may last for as long as two to three years. Given that commitment, it won’t be too easy to let the space go even if you don’t need it anymore. You’ll have to spend resources to maintain the space while you’re using it. And if you decide cease operations, you may need to vacate the space quickly.

Thankfully, traditional offices are not your only choice these days. Serviced offices—business spaces that are equipped with everything a company needs to operate, and are leased on a flexible basis—already exist for your convenience.

With less concerns to worry about, you can focus your energies on your bottom line.

Read our article to find out more on the cons to a traditional office setup, and why serviced offices may be for you.


Food is life. And we Filipinos certainly love life. We eat four times a day at the minimum—six if we include AM snack, PM snack, and/or midnight snack (no judgment!)—and food is ever-present not only in our actual mealtimes but in our social gatherings and even in our office meetings. Every special occasion is celebrated with food. And the ultimate treat is, of course, the eat-all-you-can buffet.

If it’s eating to your heart’s content that you want, at a price that’s within reach, look no further than the most popular name in the metro: Vikings ( For as low as Php 738 (plus 5% service charge) for weekday lunch and Php 938 (plus 5% service charge) for weekday dinner, you can get your fill of local and international cuisines.

Each Vikings branch features massive and elegantly themed structures so you can eat like a (vi)king in lavish surroundings. The Makati branch, for example, located at the SM Jazz Mall, just a stone’s throw away from One Asia Center, is Europe-themed.

For those on a tight budget, but still want to treat themselves, Vikings has promos for birthday celebrators and big groups (10+1 and 10+2). Bring a huge appetite, be merry, and eat hearty at the best buffet experience in the country. Enjoy!

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Mark your calendars with this month’s holidays! 
August 21, 2017, Monday - Special non-working day (Ninoy Aquino Day) 
August 28, 2017, Monday - Regular holiday (National Heroes’ Day)