Roberto Dimayuga, Marketing Consultant

As a marketing and social media marketing consultant I tried working from home but there is the obvious problem of focusing on my business. In order for my business to succeed I needed to separate it from my personal life and my family has to understand that too. 

I found working at One Asia Center to be the ideal solution because of the professional office environment. People like me just come here to focus on their work. I enjoy security. I can just leave my laptop and mobile phone and know that nobody will touch it. I can meet with my clients in a well appointed meeting room without having to invest on super fast internet connection, projector, photo copier and all the maintenance cost that goes with them. This is an incredible upgrade from making presentations and contract signing in a coffee shop. It enhances my personal brand. 

Shared services like accounting, legal, HR and secretary are just at my finger tips. When I am out someone receives my calls and manages my parcels.